Guess who has a year’s worth of unlimited hot yoga ahead of her? ME!

For the past ten days or so we have been contemplating the reality that a) I like hot yoga, A LOT, and b) there was a crazy deal on at my current hot yoga studio Some Like it Hot.  Those two things combined = must get a membership for the year because it just makes financial sense. More or less, at the price of the drop in rate I would only have to go once a week plus like 4 classes to make it worth it. I am planning on going at least 3 times a week, more during holidays and summer. So yeah, totally worth it. Iron Man got one too. I am way too happy about this. There is something very ‘zen’ in being able to go to hot yoga without the guilt of whether we can afford it. Now I can just go whenever I want. In fact, I have to go to justify having paid for a year’s membership. If I don’t go there is a problem in fact – so no guilt! 🙂