I have lots of goals. On my old blog all my goals were exercise related. I feel as though that doesn’t speak to the ‘balance’ I hope to achieve.  So here goes – in no particular order in terms of when I hope to achieve them or importance either. (Updates in bold were added on January 1st 2012)

– take a photography class so that I actually know what all the manual settings on my DSLR do (update: 2012 maybe?)

– buy a house that is not this condo, ideally two stories minimum, with grass out back, not just out front, with covered parking and space for a larger dining table (update: definitely 2012)

– try cross fit (update: maybe 2013?)

– go to the indoor rock climbing place once a week (or at least try it out) (update: Wagjag deal purchased – 2012 for sure!)

– try a tri (update: I am saving this one for after my first pregnancy)

– cook one new recipe a week (this has been a goal for about a month and I am on track so far!) (update: did this in 2011, to be continued in 2012)

– stay on top of my marking at school as much as possible (update: did this in the second half of 2011, to be continued in 2012)

– run a half marathon (update: I don’t think this is a goal for me anymore)

– start swimming laps regularly (update: goal for spring 2012)

– reach 140lbs (fed weight, so 136 deficit weight) (update: new goal – 145lbs fed weight, so 141 deficit weight)

– read more often (update: sigh, haven’t done this)

– watch less TV (update: have actually done this, but have just replaced it with more computer time)

– be more patient with Iron Man (update: hmmm…not sure how this is going)

– figure out where the hell my career is going and then do something about it (update: putting this off until having babies is over)

– have a baby (update: 2012?)

– adopt a baby (update: will depend on previous point!)

– visit Africa (love you Mom, RIP) and do mission work (love you Jesus) (update: this is a very long term goal)

– spend less money eating out (update: big focus for 2012!)


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