I am 33.

I am a teacher, and most days I really like my job.

I was born in Montreal but don’t count anywhere as home. Actually, where I live now is home, because that’s where I live with my husband.

I am married. For the sake of privacy I will refer to my husband as Iron Man, his favourite superhero. Yes, I realized this is ridiculous. I am kind of ridiculous as a person.

I like lots of things. These things include: running (sometimes), hot yoga (everyday if I could), photography, cooking, our cat, Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, Pinterest (love), all things Apple, lifting weights, going on not too difficult hikes, my best friend, my church, and my mom (RIP).


I read somewhere on here (here being word press, not my blog) that one way to get more readers is to have lots of info in the ‘about’ section. I am trying really hard to think of more meaningful things to write here. It’s tough. I feel like reading my blog will tell you who I am. I write really honestly. Or at least I try to. Sometimes I get a little worried about who might read what, being a teacher makes me fearful of every getting to be a well-known blogger but then at the same time I think that would be awesome and then at the same time as that I think wishing for that seems ridiculous, as though there is no reason for my blog to ever get popular. See how I did that, how I had three completely contradicting thoughts at once? Yeah, multiple personalities? Yep, that’s me.

I guess the most important thing to know about me is that I am a massive pendulum. I once had this character/what are you like to work with/communicate with/live with kind of assessment done (for work) and I came out as some weird ‘type’ that only accounts for 3% of the population. More or less I live in constant tension with myself. Some days I am really outgoing, others an introvert. Somedays I am exploding with confidence, the next, I am self-loathing. Feel sorry for my husband (no, don’t, I am awesome – can you tell what kind of day it is?).  But really, if you read my blog regularly, don’t expect me to really ‘keep up’ any one attitude. There will be days when I will seem really down on myself – and I am. But then there will be days when I seem like I am really happy with who I am – or with life in general. Some people might call this neurotic. I call it normal. I call it me.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Iron Man is not my favourite super hero…he doesn’t even have any actual super powers. I mean, he’s bad ass and all but really he’s just a smart, rich guy…he’s kind of like Batman. He’ll never really compare to heroes like Superman or Wolverine…they have ACTUAL powers.

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