I like lots of things. Here is a list of things I like, online things, as opposed to tangible things.


Briefit (I love Brie’s blog because she does so many things. She used to be into running, now it’s more crossfit. I don’t care what she does, she makes me want to do it too.)

The Great Balancing Act (I started reading this blog because of the recipes. Then the author was diagnosed with lymphoma and I still read it. She is a great writer.)

The Dumpster (Authored by one my best friends, most a repository for stuff he finds cool).

YoungHouseLove (I found this through someone else’s blog I think, I wish I could make a living off blogging…insane!)

Rebecca Lozer (She was our wedding photographer and I still follow her blog. I love to see her work!)

An Awfully Big Adventure

Eat.Drink.Be Married

Minimal Lizard

Point of Interest


Pinterest and a link to my Pinterest Boards (If you don’t know what Pinterest is you should. Checking out my boards will give you a pretty quick idea of what is involved.)

Leigh Peele (This woman changed my life when it comes to weight loss. If you are really looking to learn about how to lose fat and get healthy it is worth paying the $10 a month to be a member of her site. Or, start by buying her book called the Fat Loss Troubleshoot.)

Etsy (If you like pretty things you will like Etsy. I like pretty things.)


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