We aren’t really gift people…it isn’t our love language. Well, it could be but we don’t play it that way. But we do food. So this evening I made dinner for Iron Man.  He had some requests and I wanted some stuff too. Here’s what we ended up with.

It started with Iron Man going to get some a little something at the grocery store…

And then we cracked open the bottle of pineapple white wine his parents brought us back from Hawaii…

And then I cooked and then we ate!

Salad Course (that makes it sound all fancy but really we ate it with the main)

Salad composed of beets, watermelon, orange, feta, walnuts, cilantro, and a citrus dressing.

Main Dish

Lobster Mac and Cheese (care of Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa)


Chocolate Souffle – Iron Man’s request (care of Cooking Light)

It was all very yummy, completely unhealthy and I feel huge and bloated and completely lacking in any interest in going to hot yoga! But most of all…in love!