So this morning I woke up and weighed in at 151.4lbs. This is after 3 three-course dinners this week and a two-course dinner last night…and a lot of ice-cream sandwiches.

It occurred to me as well that I stopped taking birth control this past month. Oh. Yeah. So.

I am trying to look at the upside of this: I am losing weight without trying.

I am trying not to focus on the downside: I have been eating at (well, probably slightly above) maintenance and not gaining (and now losing?) weight…the thing is, this trend will not last forever. I need to figure this out quickly and get back on track because as quickly as this all started, it could also stop.  My body is clearly trying to readjust itself to life without daily hormones being forced on it…and while I am really happy that I am losing weight I also don’t want it to become a ‘carte blanche’ to eat whatever I want.

So back onto the healthy eating bandwagon it is for me.

So far, so good…today I have had a decent size bowl of granola with some vanilla yogurt (about 400 calories), a coffee (with some milk and sweetener – so lets say 100 calories), half a grapefruit (50 calories), and french onion soup with some extra cheese (250 calories) – so 800 calories…Not bad.   Unfortunately, because I am spending most of my day marking I have burned not even 1000 calories yet!  But deficit is deficit…and some hot yoga later today should help.