I am healthy again. I went back to work on Thursday of last week. I also went back to the gym and killed myself with an awesome weight lifting session.  I killed my legs, killed them.  I have started using Fitocracy to log my workouts. If you want an invite let me know.  I don’t think I can ‘share’ workouts unless I am a premium member so screen caps will have to do:

Anyways, other than a killer workout (followed by three more workouts, two hot power yoga classes and a body attack) I have managed to keep myself busy with good food.  Last week I made my first risotto and it looked mighty good if I do say so myself:

I used arborio rice (duh! Except not really, since apparently there are different kinds you can use) and then also used shallots, spinach, peas, gouda, and parmesan, and chicken stock and lemon juice with water instead of white wine. It was lovely. And, a meal with no meat, not like me (I was craving protein the next day though).

I also remembered that back when I lost weight way back when (like 2006?) I had which fibre eggo waffles on my meal plan.  Yep, waffles. So I bought some. But instead of having them with syrup I made fruit compote (also from way back when).  I made it with crushed pineapple, frozen raspberries, some honey and agave nectar and a bit of maple syrup as well as some cinnamon and vanilla. Yum!  Then I realized it would be that much better with plain yogurt dolloped on top. And so, I had this:

Then on Saturday I decided I needed another fix but decided to make some additions: banana slices and a further dollop of all natural almond butter. Double yum, and yes, I ate all three. They were awesome.

So yeah, I have clearly not been watching my diet too carefully. I am sitting around 152-154lbs most days. I feel good there. Not great, not where I would ideally like to be, but my belly is calling for food – good food, but food. And so I am obliging it. Tonight we are having quinoa stuffed peppers and salad…


ps: My pictures are blurry. That is my biggest pet peeve when others do it. Sigh.