So I like to eat yummy things. I also like to lose weight. I am trying to make these things work together, not against each other.

So I have been trying to find substitutions in baking so that the food I want to bake is healthier for me. So less sugar. Less flour – yes, even whole wheat. Fewer eggs if possible.

Yesterday was a lesson in why the internet is a good thing and why I should use it. Research, research, research.

Lesson learnt: Coconut flour can not replace wheat flour at a 1:1 ratio.

Lesson learnt: Coconut flour does not rise.

Lesson learnt: Coconut flour is very absorbent.


So, muffins are edible but not yummy. So purpose of activity has been defeated. But I don’t waste stuff so we will eat them. All 28 of them. Oh well. Better luck next time?