I was married in 2010, in October. It was lovely.  I knew, when we first got engaged, that I wasn’t going to spend a zillion dollars on a dress and that I wasn’t going to keep my dress. And since I wasn’t going to spend a zillion dollars on a dress there was no point in selling it. I quickly learned about an organization called The Bride’s Project and decided that I was going to donate my dress. They collect and resell dresses and give the profits to cancer research. Considering that I have lost both maternal grandparents to cancer, and my mom – well, it seemed fitting.

I loved my dress (even though I wish I had managed to lose more weight before the wedding – nothing worse than having to buy a size 18 dress and pay for a ‘plus sized’ dress when you are a street size 14).  But really, I wore it twice. And then it sat in the guest room. For a year. And a bit. For some reason I couldn’t give it away right away.

I mean, we had some good times.  This is my favourite photo from the wedding:

And then in February 2011 I did a ‘trash the dress’, where I didn’t really trash it, I just wore it in the snow.  This is one of my favourites:

But on Saturday I dropped it off for donation:

And today I received an email saying it was purchased already! I won’t lie, I am pretty excited.  I mean, it was a little difficult to part with it, for some reason unbeknownst to me. But now that I know that someone is going to wear it for their wedding, and that the money went to a good cause?  Yay!