Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much a textbook Type A personality (with a few quirks I am sure).  So, inevitably, holidays are weird for me. On the one hand I desperately crave them because I generally ‘survive’ day to day exhaustion from doing to much by knowing that eventually I will get a break. And when I am in the midst of craziness that break is all that is getting me through the moment, it is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

But when the day comes, when that break comes, I seize up. I literally go a little nuts. So for Saturday and Sunday I was fine, holiday events kept me plenty busy, still trying to squish in a trip to the gym and my type A-ness was satisfied still – I was still cramming stuff into a 24-hour day.

Then Monday came. Boxing day. Hmmm. Let’s see, let’s go to the gym. Well, my back was on the fritz but we still went for a little trip.  So yeah, that’s like 2 hours? Great, what next? Movie with a friend? Okay, there’s another 3 hours. Hmm…so add in some sleep…and that’s…barely half a day. Crap. What now? The house is clean, dishes done, laundry done. I could mark (wait a second, um, no, I am type A but this is still my holiday – I am not marking until I absolutely must do it).

I won’t lie, I was a little cagey on Monday, and on Tuesday a bit too. But, I have managed to land softly into the wonderful bliss that can be my holidays if I let it happen…

And so we have books to be read (one done, two more to go).

And baked goodies to make (and eat).

And baked goodies to make and give away (this batch is going to the lovely people who work at Some Like It Hot in Oakville!).

And, maybe the best part, time to sit with Gus and cuddle (which is what inspired this post).

And so now I lay in bed with my laptop, Gus by my side, with a warmed banana pumpkin muffin (brought to me kindly by Iron Man), and I kind of find it funny that I ever had a problem letting go of my type A-ness…it surprises me every time we have a break. I feel guilty, that’s why I struggle. I feel like I always have to be busy, always have to be doing something. But sitting in bed petting Gus is something. It isn’t highly productive but it’s still time well spent.