(I wrote this yesterday but didn’t have time to edit and revise it til today. Make the ‘dates’ off, by, well, a day!)

You know in cartoons, when characters accidentally run off cliffs and you wonder ‘how could they not have seen that coming?’.

Kim Jong Il died yesterday (or the day before? – it’s all secretive and stuff).  This in and of itself, not that big of a deal (well, to me at least). But when listening to the news this morning I was not surprised to hear that both France and England, rather than sending ‘condolences’, suggested that this would be a good time for ‘change’.  This, theoretically, could be a big deal.

I don’t necessarily think that people in North Korea are going to revolt. But they could. And in light of all the other protesting around the world…it makes you wonder if we are on the brink of change in the world. And the real question is…are we aware? Do we see it coming?

Egypt, Libya, Syria…



North Korea? China?

Many argue that OWS does not compare to the situations in Northern Africa, and to be fair, in magnitude, it doesn’t. But the underlying feeling remains.

The world is generally discontent. Or rather – those who are suffering under the will of the powerful (read: rich and powerful) are not just unhappy, they are unhappy and telling the world about it.

Does anyone (other than my pastor at church) see the link to the Roman Empire?  Or rather, perhaps, the fall of the Roman Empire?

So, do I really think that the people of North Korea are going to listen to what the French and British have suggested they do? No.

Do I think that we need to listen to the ‘pulse’ of the world. Yes.

As a history major it all just makes me think about what people were thinking of ‘at the time’.  Imagine living in Russia in October 1917. Could you see what was coming?  When change happens, so you know it at the time? Or only 100 years later when historians tell you what it all meant and why it happened? (and clearly, 100 years later, it doesn’t mean squat to you since you are dead).

I don’t know if this really is ‘revolution time’.  But I wonder about it a lot. I wonder if there is a big shift coming.  I wonder how my life will be impacted. I wonder how my theoretical children’s lives could be impacted. What will our lives look like in 50 years? Society as a whole?

Yes, heavy thoughts for a Monday morning. (And, somehow, still equally heavy on Tuesday morning).