I am two parties into the Christmas season and I am already up on the scale. I know this is ‘normal’…I can’t eat the way I normally do and then eat the way I have the last two days and not expect to see a difference but still…those numbers make me ill. I don’t even need numbers on a scale to make me feel ill, I can tell by how I feel after I eat, how I feel lying down, how ‘ma belly’ looks.

Of course, I would feel marginally better about this if I had hauled my butt to hot yoga this morning as had been the plan however my body is literally aching from my past 4 workouts.  On Thursday I did negative-chip-ups…meaning I jumped into chip-up position and then let myself down as slowly as I could. I did 12 of these and now my abs are ripped to shreds (not is the awesome way – yet).  Then I did hot yoga the next day and Body Attack yesterday. My body needs rest, so I know skipping today’s planned workout is okay but I could have used the calorie burn.

So what now? Well, I have two parties today and one tomorrow to get through. Then another three at the end of next week and three the week after that. So lets count that…11 holiday season social events in total and I am only done two of them and I already feel this way. And yes, I do have my huge plan for exercise to help me and yes, I will watch what I eat the rest of the time BUT – let’s just say I suddenly ‘get’ how people gain, on average 8-12 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  I have no idea how I am going to succeed in my goal to not gain a single pound (since I am already failing) but I will make it work somehow (without starving myself, throwing up or HGC – none of those are options).  I do think alcohol might be the first thing to go…not that I drink other than socially but if I have to pick food or alcohol right now I might pick food. But that might be because it is 8:30 in the morning!

I am off to find something healthy to eat for breakfast since the rest of the day is likely to be a mess!