I complain, quite a bit I believe, that I don’t have enough time, ever. I don’t really every feel like I have enough time to get all the things that I want done, done.

Here is what yesterday looked like

Step 1: Wake Up

We slept in. I rarely do this. Iron Man does it as often as he can but I do it rarely. We slept til about half past eight, maybe nine.

Step 2: Breakfast

Iron Man decided we needed to take advantage of the lovely weather and walk to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast. So we did.

Lovely sunny Saturday morning:

Bundled up warm:

With a newspaper and skinny vanilla latte, reminiscent of what I wanted to do when I wrote a post on time recently:

While Iron Man did what he wanted to do:

Eating an uninspiring breakfast (this is what you get when you get the least unhealthy thing on the menu – I wish we had a Starbucks closer by):

Spending time together, while not on the list of “absolutely must-dos”, is pretty high up on the list of “things that should be high up on the list of must-dos”, and so it came first yesterday, behind the rest:

Followed by a pic of me all bundled up, serving mostly to remind me that I am finally at a point where I don’t feel like I look like the Michelin man in every.single.photo.:

Step 3: Exercise

Second only to spending time with each other – time to work out. I was dragging after my clearly-healthy-and-energy-providing breakfast but I managed to convince myself that I needed the calorie burn from a good Body Attack class (vs. hot yoga, which is what I really wanted but I knew I would get that on Sunday). So we went to the gym, something else checked off the list – and by the time we were done it was past 1pm – sigh…where did the day go?

Step 4: Lunch and Groceries

These two are not usually combined BUT a new Fortinos just opened up near us so…I gave Iron Man the opportunity to mock me endlessly for my great excitement at the opening of a grocery store. Yes, I am that silly. And yes, I did get pretty excited.

So we ate at the ‘ready-to-go’ section of the store (LOVE)…and I got to fill my apparent craving for protein/iron with:

And Iron Man had what he called ‘the best coffee ever’ (along with a half rack of ribs and some couscous salad):

And we enjoyed eachother’s company and the sunlight a little more:

And then we did groceries and spent way too much money (as usual) and came home and it was 4pm – sigh, where did the day go?

Step 5: Food Prep and Cleaning Up House

The two most mundane but necessary tasks of any weekend – prepping lunches for the up-coming week and cleaning our condo. I did the food prep and Iron Man did most of the cleaning, at least until the food prep was done and then I helped to clean to. So what does this involve? Let’s see: snacks (berries, veggies, hummus) all washed, cut and packaged up in the fridge, ready to do (three days worth), dinner prepped for the night, eggs boiled for the week, four loads of laundry (with two left for Sunday), floors cleaned and vacuumed, kitchen cleaned.  And then it was 6pm – sigh, where did the day go?

Step 6: Make (and eat) Dinner + plus more laundry

I feel like this is a fake step because dinner was easy to make – I prepped it earlier (spicy orange bbq sauce marinated chicken breasts with mashed cauliflower casserole with broccoli, asparagus and cherry tomatoes mixed in) and just had to pop it in the oven and keep an eye on it while I put the laundry away. Then ate it. And then put away more laundry. And then it was 7:30pm – sigh…you get the idea.

Step 7: Downtime

This involved a bath and then curling up in bed and watching two episodes of Once Upon a Time with Iron Man, plus a little Chopped to top it off. By the time all was said and done, it was 10:45pm and we went to sleep…sigh, the day was done.

Now, it was a perfectly lovely day. We got a lot done. We spent the whole day together and it was good. But it felt like we got nothing done. We ate three meals, went to the gym, did groceries, cleaned the house and watched some tv.  That’s it. I still want more time. 🙂

ps: Sunday’s time has so far been filled with hot yoga, church, two more loads of laundry and a lovely homemade brunch and some procrastination…eventually that procrastination will end and all that will remain will be enough time to make dinner and do some marking.  Then it’s time to go back to work!