If there is one thing I hate, it’s unexplained bad moods. I am in one now. I just snapped at Iron Man about three times in an hour.  I usually understand or at least have an inkling as to why I am in a bad mood but not to night. No idea. Just am. I am going to shrug it off and hope I am just tired and cranky.

Sorry Iron Man.

I want to do hot yoga right now…I have all day and my schedule couldn’t make it work (should have skipped the staff x-mas party for hot yoga – better for my mental and physical health!), and then I saw this video on Facebook:

It reminded me of how much my exercising is my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug. I am happy that I am final in a place where I have an urge to exercise rather than drink when I have a bad day (I only thought about drinking about 20 minutes ago – I have been dreaming of a sweat-drenched power class since this morning!).  I can’t wait til tomorrow when I get to go leave it on the floor (or treadmill…whatever I decide at the time).