I love Iron Man but he is old news.

Just joking.

I have, however, found a new love – or rather, new loves, plural. And no, this post is not all about hot yoga (even though I do love me some hot yoga!).

I used to read about people loving their pets and I didn’t get it. I mean, I got it but not really. I have had pets before, as a child. And as an adult I even had two cats at a point, but wasn’t horribly attached to them (immaturity? anti-social behaviour?) and when I needed to find them new homes because I was moving into a no-pet home with a new roommate – well, I did it and it wasn’t horrible. I was only sort of sad to see them go (yes, definitely sociopathic tendencies).

Well, in September Iron Man and I finally took the big plunge – we adopted a pet. We went to the Burlington Humane Society with a few expectations – we wanted to to adopt a pet that was unlikely to otherwise be adopted. This meant no little kittens, which broke our hearts since it is really hard to look at little kitten and not want to adopt them. Then, on the advice of a coworker we aimed for adult black cats. These are the least likely to be adopted. And we came home with “Blackie” (quickly renamed Kiwi – for the New Zealand All Black’s – Iron Man’s favourite team)…a one year-old female.

Iron Man pretty much picked her out. He had one other one he had is eye on but I didn’t get a good feel from her. When he picked up Kiwi his eyes lit up and I knew it was love.  We also checked out a friend for her – my pick, Mitchell. But Mitchell seemed to shed a lot (we later found out that stressed out cats shed a lot and being picked up by strangers makes cats stressed out) and we weren’t sure about having two right away. So we adopted Kiwi and that was that.

Kiwi is wonderful. She is very playful, she loves her toys and she always bites you a little but only after licking you a bunch – apparently this means she wants us to know that she loves us but she is in charge. She also kisses (read licks) our noses to show us that she loves us. And man, does she ever have Iron Man wrapped around her finger.

We knew almost immediately that she would need a friend. But we waited because we are usually ridiculously (and unnecessarily) busy and that can make integrating a second cat tough. This past weekend we were supposed to go to Montreal to see my dad but he had to cancel on us so we suddenly had the weekend free. We quickly took the opportunity to get a second kitty.

I had “Eugene” (renamed Fergus) picked out from the website for the humane society. Unfortunately last week was interview week and we were so busy after work that we could never make it to the shelter before they closed at 5pm.  I was so worried that he would be gone (or worse, that he would be there but not be a good match for us).  On Friday afternoon, when we only had to work a half day, we went to the shelter and there he was…just perfect for us and ready to be adopted…

He is amazing. He is very different than Kiwi. He is fairly calm, LOVES to be petted and brushed and rubbed but doesn’t give kisses. He eat a TON but he won’t sleep with us the way Kiwi does.  I love him so much it hurts.

Fergus and Kiwi only took a couple of days to get used to each other. There was a bit of hissing on Kiwi’s part. And a lot of ignoring on Gus’ part. He eventually played into her taunts and now they are just great partners. They play well, racing all over the place, usually at 2am, much to our dismay (mostly mine since Iron Man sleeps like a rock and has no idea what happens at night – I am screwed when we have kids).  But they do love each other (and my closet – of course)

I can’t imagine our lives without our furbabies – I totally get the love I have seen others feel for their pets. They are irreplaceable creatures.