I had this great idea for a thread about my new furbabies until I saw this on Pinterest on my friend Sam’s board (hey Sam, you reading?!?)…

It made me think about my post last week about aging and vanity but it also made me laugh really hard. That’s the thing about Pinterest, it makes me laugh my butt off. Further on on that same board I saw this

Also reminiscent of that same post on aging but in a better way (is that $95 cream going to work? Not going to lie, I think my skin looks better!).

On the funnier side I saw this

This one really only made me think of my friend Scott because he ALWAYS insists on replying maybe to me FB events.

But honestly – if you haven’t discovered Pinterest you need to, right now. It is amazing. I pretty much haven’t found a recipe online since finding Pinterest – there seems no point in going elsewhere when I can just find lovely pictures of food on Pinterest. Sometimes I use it as surrogate food – I look at pictures of junk food instead of eating. I swear it works.  My food board is ridiculously large but equally amazing.

I also love it for the ‘fitness inspiration‘. I think I should be checking out my board on that a little more since I have been slacking in the motivation department. There are lots of good motivational sayings and some good workouts to be found.

Then there is the design stuff…sigh, these are bad for me.  It all makes me want to be independently rich and able to build the house of my dreams (and have at least 4 kids around the same age so that I can build a bedroom that needs two sets of bunk beds).  I love it, it is so amazing to see how beautiful homes and furniture can be.

Weddings – I am JUST SLIGHTLY bitter that Pinterest wasn’t around when I was planning our wedding and I will admit that I have a wedding board. Yep, over a year out and I have a wedding inspiration board (because those who know me well know that I secretly would love to be a wedding planner – except I currently don’t work weekends or summers and somehow I doubt I would be successful if I maintained those working conditions as a wedding planner).  It still makes me want at least three do-overs.

So yeah, there’s my whole blog about Pinterest. If you don’t have an account, get one. Or if you are Scott, starting using it. Sharing funny, tasty, pretty, cute, useful things is awesome.