One of my goals in life, in general, is that I want to try new things, to experience more, to not lead a life that is boring. I don’t want to die wishing I had tried more things.

Learning to Run

This year, in 2011, I learned to run. I mean, technically, I had run before. In fact, I had run two races – one in 2006 and one in 2010. I hadn’t run either of them particularly well. And when I ‘lost my shape’ (let’s say 2007 though 2010, a nice 4 year period) I didn’t really run much – max would have been 20, maybe 22 minutes at a time.  But this year I ran. I ran three races – a 5, an 8 and a 10.  I ran my 5k race in less than 30, which was a massive goal I wanted to meet. And I finished the 8 and the 10. But, as expected, running sucked for my knees. I still run now and then, (today I did some intervals) but I don’t think I will be running much in the new year, 2 months of physio made me realize that maybe my knees aren’t really made for it and really, the point was to try running. I did, I loved it, I am sure I will run now and then, but the half marathon I had in mind – yeah, not likely to happen, at least not in 2012 (I have other priorities).

Discovering Hot Yoga

Right now I pretty much eat, breathe and sleep hot yoga (no joke, I was dreaming about it last night). Currently I do hot yoga at Some Like it Hot in Oakville or Burlington using a groupon I bought for 10 classes ($19 for 10 classes – best deal ever).

My introduction to hot yoga pretty much made me an addict. I love it, it makes me feel amazing and I think it has totally changed my body. So, next I have a groupon deal for 3 weeks unlimited Bikram Yoga in Oakville (for $30).

When that is up I will do a 30-day unlimited pass at Power Yoga in Oakville (another $30).

After that – well, pretty much every studio has a ‘starter deal’ so I can work my way through that but somehow I think I will end up at Some Like it Hot once there are no more deals to be had. It’s only $10 to drop in and I already have favourite instructors (Kat and Tim!).  As much as running won’t be a focus in 2012, hot yoga will be! But 2012 will have three new goals (maybe 4!).

Climbing Higher

I bought a wagjag deal today for an introductory class and a whole month of unlimited rock climbing at Climber’s Rock in Burlington ($39).

I have done rock climbing before but only at school. Every year we have them come in and set up walls and the kids get to climb.  I have done it twice, once before my first shoulder dislocation in 2008 and then once after that.  I know this is going to be hard on the shoulder – my goal is to build my upper body hopefully. I don’t think I will continue to do unlimited climbing beyond the month but if it goes well I will do it once a week if I can. I am hoping to build my lats and shoulder strength. The goal is to do this in February – with Iron Man!  Since the pass is unlimited I would like to aim to do it 3 times a week.

Bringing Sexy Back

I just bought a groupon deal for an introductory class and 5 more classes at a pole dancing studio in Oakville – Aradia Fitness ($35).

I think I will do these in April – twice a week for three weeks.  Then, depending on whether it feels like a good workout, I will continue to go after, drop in basis, like the climbing.

Swimming to a Sexy Back

Someone recently reminded me that swimming would be a great activity to start doing to build up my back.  I had been considering it earlier in the year but had forgotten. Sundays are a day that I find it hard to get to the gym so I am interested to see if there is a ‘lap’ swim time on Sundays that I might be able to take advantage of .

I am hoping that swimming, combined with the yoga, will help me to continue to build muscle without building bulk.  My muscle tends to grow big and while I don’t want to stop resistance training, I am no longer pushing myself to lift heavier and heavier. I know I won’t bulk out – I get that isn’t really what happens.  But the reality is that, just like with running, my joints are made for really heavy lifting. It’s just too much on my knees. Today I did some squats and deadlifts but nowhere near the 100+lbs (barely) I was doing before I saw the sports medicine doctor in the spring and started physio.  I think I did a 45lb bar on my sumo squats and 70 lbs on my straight-leg deadlifts today. The heavy lifting just isn’t worth the strain on my joint. So, time to explore other options. And as it turns out, there are many other options out there. I just need to be courageous enough to try new things!