Today I worked my butt off at Body Attack class…according to my fitbit I burned 500 calories (that included missing half a song to run to the bathroom).  So, I decided that we deserved a treat for lunch.

The Naked Sprout is my new favourite restaurant.  I love lots of restaurants – anyone who  knows me knows that I love to eat out. And yes, I just wrote out goals and yes, they included eating out less, but, sometimes, you need a treat.  The Naked Sprout is my favourite treat because it is a healthy treat. It is a vegan restaurant down the street from us.

Now, clearly, if you don’t live in the area, this information is useless, but there is likely a vegetarian or vegan restaurant near you and I implore you – TRY IT! – So good!  Fresh, healthy, and when you are done, you feel amazing.

Today we had the beaner (think hummus, guac, brown rice, kale, wrap) and the pesto allegro on sprouted bread (hummus, guac, tomatoes, grilled tempeh – it’s a BLT for vegans!).  Both were so good AND I was really craving ‘fats’ so I got it healthy style – avocado is so good!

I was going to take a picture BUT, at one point Iron Man looked at me and asked “Where’s your sandwich?”…”I ate it”, I replied…”Did you chew?”…yes, that good!