My mom died on October 27th, 2006.

I can’t believe it has been five years. In those five years I have:

– gained back most of the weight I lost while she was sick,
– lost most of the weight I gained back (3 pounds to go!),
– bought a house,
– met my husband and married him,
– taken up running and raced a total of 5 races (three 5k’s, an 8k and a 10k),
– missed my mom every time one of these things happened and I couldn’t call her.

One of my big focuses right now is on getting us (myself and Iron Man) ready to have Iron Baby. This involves me getting down to my goal weight and maintaining it for a while (not *that* important) and us saving a downpayment so we can buy a bigger place, one that can fit a family (*pretty* important). But all the while that I wish desperately for that baby to come one day, I am always reminded that I am going to have to raise our child without my mom in my life. She was such an awesome mom, I don’t think I told her that nearly enough.

Do you tell your mom how much you love her? If you could tell her that you appreciated her, what would you tell her?