So time for a new blog. There is an old blog…at this point I am considering whether or not to link it here…we will see…

I feel like blogs all have themes. People blog about their home improvements (I just happened upon younghouselove recently) and fitness (briefit is one of my favourites) and there are plenty about food (skinnytaste was recommended to me last week – LOVE). My theme is balance. I will achieve this balance by posting about a lot of things…the aforementioned blog I had was focused mostly on fitness and healthy eating…and that led to less balance than I had hoped. So, now, I will post about all things worthy of posting. I can’t promise all (or any?) of them will be interesting…I am not convinced that I understand what it takes to be a successful blogger – or a mediocre one for that matter.

So I think I am supposed to end these things with a question…here’s a good one: do you think questions at the end of blogs really entice readers to post? Are you a ‘blog comment maker’ or just a ‘blog reader’? (if I get lots of hits but no comments I will gather the latter, but I am secretly hoping for the former).